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YOUR KAYA - corporate shipments for the brand

The realization of the Women's Day gift boxes was really close to our hearts, due to our cooperation with the Your Kaya brand, which we appreciate and admire for breaking trends and taking care of the perfect customer service and support for its customers.

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CCC GROUP - welcome pack for employees

Onborading always remains in the memory for a long time, because it is accompanied by strong emotions - welcome packs for the CCC brand are a perfect example. Already at this stage, the employer should show the new employee how important his appearance is in the company, and, above all, facilitate his start at work.

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HEALTH LABS CARE - creative presentation of Longevity

Glass domes combined with a wooden base, and inside them a floral composition. At the central point, of course - LONGEVITY. An effect enhanced by door to door delivery. Get to know our project.

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ONET - eco-friendly company boxes for customers

Eco-friendly mailings for the Onet brand. The client's main idea was to thank contractors for participating in a special project. The gift boxes were to be in the spirit of eco with a gadget that would be an everyday #musthave.

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SEMILAC - PR packages for the brand's 10th birthday

We created creative dispatches to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Semilac brand. Our PR package concept was based on the color of the year 2023, which is VIVA MAGENTA - a color that is bold, fearless, full of optimism and joy, a perfect fit for the brand.

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POLFA TARCHOMIN - creative shipping of cosmetics

The concept of shipping cosmetic products Tarchominskie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne "Polfa" - Poldermin Complex, which was nominated in the Influencer's TOP 2023 poll! The design referred to nature to expose the values and natural ingredients of the products.

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HEALTH LABS CARE - new Slove On line

More than 200 creative dispatches featuring the new Slove On line have found their way to brand ambassadors! In developing this concept, we focused, as usual, on being consistent with the brand's strategy and values.

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Another realization of Christmas gift sets - more than 1000 pieces behind us. Our gift proposals have a clear goal - the recipient must feel important and appreciated! We know how to do it - just take a look at our past realizations.

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HEALTH LABS CARE - the new ManiMe series

The launch of new Health Labs Care brand products - the Mani Me series. We created a creative dispatch that was consistent with the vision of the brand but, above all, had a kind of plasticity in its presentation.

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MYBESTPHARM - summer product creative shipments

The realization of MyBestPharm's summer creative dispatch included - naturalness, freshness, sun-kissed skin, fashionable beach accessories, that is, what is most beautiful in summer. How did we present the company's newest product - MyBestProBio?

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NEWSWEEK POLSKA - 20th birthday boxes

Newsweek Polska approached us with the specific goal of gifting its key clients with modern and elegant gifts for their 20th birthdays. As usual, the most important thing was to display the Client's logo and colors but tastefully.

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HEALTH LABS CARE - personalized shipping PR

Personalized PR shipping allowed the ambassadors to feel the atmosphere of the roasting plant where the beans of the new Healthlabs brand product are made. How do you transfer the smell of coffee from production right into the box?

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