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Boxy świąteczne dla pracowników

Christmas boxes – realization for RINGIER AXEL SPRINGER POLAND

11 September 2023

The period of organizing Christmas company meetings is special for all of us, and it is extremely important not to forget our employees, customers or business partners.That's why our Christmas gift boxes can be both a substitute for the company Christmas Eve or complement it - see the realization of Ringier Axel Springer Poland.

Summary of the year – how many boxes did we send?

11 September 2023

Are you curious about what happened in our company and what we want to develop even more in 2023? We encourage you to stop for a moment and analyze your year, both personal and professional - it's worth it!

Boxy wielkanocne

EASTER GIFT SETS – put on appreciation!

11 September 2023

Surprise your employees and customers with creative Easter gifts with your logo and personalized packaging! At Box of Stories, you will find a wide range of Easter boxes and baskets.

Ekologiczne boxy

Eco-friendly boxes – shipments for ONET brand

11 September 2023

We recently prepared organic mailings for the Onet brand. The client's main idea was to thank contractors for their participation in the Onet project. The gift boxes were to be in the spirit of eco with a gadget that would be such our daily #musthave.

Letnie wysyłki kreatywne

Summer creative shipments for MYBESTPHARM

11 September 2023

The realization of the MyBestPharm summer creative shipment therefore had to take place in accordance with these values.The summer creative shipment resulting from this collaboration included a bouquet of flowers in the shade of an azure sea, a stylish water bottle and the company's newest product, MyBestProBio.

Wysyłka kreatywna boxy

Creative shipments of new HEALTH LABS CARE brand products

11 September 2023

Influencer Marketing is taking shape before our eyes, we as the audience influence its overtones, and the way to brand success is to skillfully introduce the product without being pushy or losing authenticity. We follow trends and curiously observe the development of the industry in which we have a stake.

Wysyłka Your Kaya Women's Day

Corporate shipping for YOUR KAYA brand

11 September 2023

Our recent execution of Women's Day gift boxes was really close to our hearts, due to our collaboration with Your Kaya, a brand we value and admire for breaking trends and providing ideal customer service and support to its customers. Not only by launching new innovative products, but also by supporting and educating them on health and human relations.

Kreatywna wysyłka eko Health Labs Care

Personalized contents of PR package – HEALTH LABS CARE

11 September 2023

Personalization undoubtedly tightens the bonds between the company and the customer. In this case, the product is a direct link between these links and binds them together. In short, personalization is emotion, and emotion is a word that accompanies us in every box realization, including one of the summer projects for Healthlabs.

Newsweek boxy jubileuszowe

Boxes for the 20th birthday of NEWSWEEK POLAND

11 September 2023

Newsweek Polska approached us with the specific goal of gifting its key clients with modern and elegant gifts for their 20th birthdays. As usual, the most important thing was to display the Client's logo and colors but tastefully!

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