Christmas boxes – realization for RINGIER AXEL SPRINGER POLAND

11 September 2023

Our Christmas gift boxes are the perfect year-end corporate gift!

Our Christmas gift boxes proposals are the perfect way to thank employees for their contribution and commitment to the company, increasing sales and building partnerships between the company, its partners or customers. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate a successful year of work. Our gift suggestions have a clear goal – the recipient must feel important and appreciated! We know how to do it – just take a look at our past realizations.

With us you start from the end – why? You present us with the effect you want to achieve, and we will make it a reality! To begin with, all you need to do is tell us a few words about your target audience, present your proposed budget and expectations. Together we will discuss what should be included in the box, and what you definitely do not want in it. 

The next steps are time for us! We will prepare an offer with fully personalized boxes for your company. We will suggest the right color of the box, filling, ribbon. We will put your logo on the appropriate materials and create a fragrant interior of the box – really our creativity knows no bounds! We have no ready-made solutions and this is a guarantee that your box will be unique. Our graphic designer will design for you the packaging, card, ticket – according to your guidelines or completely relying on our concept and creation.  

If our visions meet in the same place, we move on to implementation! This is the moment when you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in peace, and we will come back to you with the finished product. Our turnaround time always depends on several factors and product availability – we guarantee that we work at top speed to make sure you receive your boxes on time! At this stage, you will receive information from us about the stage of preparation and when you can expect shipment. You are kept up to date with us, but you don’t have to leave the office – we act for you.

We can deliver the finished gift boxes to your company or with direct shipping to the recipients. We are able to send up to several thousand packages at a time! We also ship outside of Poland. In addition, using our dedicated platform for collecting address data, your employees or contractors will securely share the shipping address and mark a convenient date for the visit of our courier!!! 🙂 All for your convenience and the convenience of the recipients of our boxes!

The last step of the order is, of course… the pure joy of receiving the box! At this stage, you can only feel pride and come back to us with feedback and another order 😉

Why should you order Christmas boxes?

The period of organizing Christmas company meetings is special for all of us, and it is extremely important not to forget about our employees, customers or business partners. In this special festive time, let’s make sure that they feel appreciated and rewarded for all the effort of the passing year. That’s why our Christmas gift boxes can be both a substitute for a company Christmas Eve or complement it. 

So, how about you take the first step and write to us? Contact us and we will prepare a personalized offer and unique solutions for your company!