Summary of the year – how many boxes did we send?

11 September 2023


January is a time in every company to take stock of the past year, analyze the goals set at the beginning of the year and evaluate their achievement, summarize budgets and talk about the future. We slowed down at the end of December in order to just enter January with an open head for reflection. Above all, we are entering the year with a bit of a dance step, as we have many reasons to be happy with our activities. Are you curious about what has happened with us, and what we want to develop even more in 2023? We encourage you to stop for a moment and analyze your year, both personal and professional – it’s worth it!


This statement is slowly becoming our tradition – at the beginning of this summary we would like to thank you for the trust and cooperation of our regular and new customers. It is thanks to them that everything happens and develops at a rapid pace, sometimes strongly surprising us ourselves 🙂

The beginning of 2021 was full of fear and uncertainty related to the pandemic, when the event industry froze. This year we had to face another fear, but thanks to our power team we approached it task-wise – our experience and capabilities allowed us to get heavily involved in helping, while continuing our sales activities. We can say that we are proud of ourselves. Our warehouse spaces didn’t have a month of emptiness, when they weren’t filling up with gift sets, they were full of first aid products. We can boldly and confidently say – bravo us.

Box of Stories’ recipe for success – WE KNOW IT EXACTLY!

We’re going to refer a bit to 2021, but it was the year that was a breakthrough for us and set the next steps that we are implementing now. That’s when it became clear that success is our entire team. Each of us brings something completely new to this company, perfectly responding to the needs of our customers, who have strong diversity and different expectations. The unifying factor is one goal, the perfect gift box or creative dispatch shown online by Influencers. It was in 2022 that we set our sights on expanding our team. There were people with a new, fresh and young perspective on current trends – we learned the ins and outs of Tik-Tok, we bet on a new advertising medium – the popular reels on Instagram, we improved the form of offering. Thanks to new people, we have developed our aesthetics, which already reflect us 99% – the percentage is left for new trends, which we closely observe and introduce 🙂

This year has also seen a strong expansion of our contractor base. We have gained partnerships with individuals and companies who think like we do – unconventional and unlimited. Together we have created hundreds of unique boxes and creative mailings. This is also our next goal – to gain new, attractive contractors who will contribute to our future successes. A lot of reassurance was given to us by inquiries from companies we have been following for years, who now wanted to present their offerings to us. This means that we are building our brand and a strong position in the market for creative mailings and corporate gift sets.

Our company continues to have two main pillars that we are developing. Creative dispatches, with which we have strongly expanded and strengthened cooperation with existing clients, but also acquired new ones, who are the most valuable reward for our work – they themselves have knocked on our door with admiration by observing our realizations online. Corporate gift sets continue to play a strong role, which this year strongly focused around Welcome Packs. With corporate boxes, further the busiest period was from October to December, during the realization of the company’s Christmas gift sets. We also have to mention a new service we introduced at the end of the year and which we intend to develop strongly in 2023. We created gift-wrapping zones in a dozen of our clients’ corporate spaces. It was really creative, with employees not only bringing gifts but also eager to wrap them together with us – learning the secrets of perfect packaging.

Success is FOLLOWING PLANS at Box of Stories

Our goal is to continue to develop the pillars that we run at Box of Stories. We intend to attract new contractors to realize our visions that did not see the light of day in the previous year 🙂 We want to further improve the speed of quoting by expanding our team. We are responding to the expectations of our clients, and this year we know that Influencer Marketing matters even more, and we will effectively assist in its perfect implementation by creating ambassador dispatches. Any dreams? It’s worth talking about them out loud for them to come true – expanding with our second agency that is Bossa Nova Events and creating product launches. So what, stay tuned:)


We would like to thank our entire team, our clients for another year of trust, subcontractors and contractors for their angelic patience with our visions and, above all, entering into this madness with all of ourselves – as every year, we promise: THERE WILL BE EVEN MORE OF US IN 2023:)