Summer creative shipments for MYBESTPHARM

11 September 2023

Holiday creation – how to show summer vibe in boxes?

The holiday season is a time to relax, take a breath and take special care of yourself! Our team does not slow down even during the vacations! And all this to constantly surprise you with new ideas for creative dispatches. It doesn’t matter whether you love the mountains, the sea, the lakes… you choose a wild backpacking vacation or relaxation in a hotel spa. One thing we have in common: after all, we all love summer, right?

The summer edition of the shipments is all about freshness and a sense of closeness to nature, which in summer blooms and delights with its beauty. We are committed to making the person to whom we send our proposals feel like on an island in paradise when unpacking them. While doing so, we do not forget our main idea: originality combined with a sense of aesthetics and attention to every detail. Naturalness, freshness, sun-kissed skin, fashionable beach accessories, that is what is most beautiful in summer. 

The realization of our first summer creative dispatch, therefore, had to take place in accordance with these values. Thus was born the cooperation with MyBestPharm – a brand that was born out of fascination with natural medicine and healthy lifestyle. The summer creative shipment resulting from this collaboration included a bouquet of flowers in a shade of azure sea, a stylish water bottle and the company’s newest product – MyBestProBio, a dietary supplement containing 22 of the best researched and safe strains of probiotic bacteria. All this packed in a beautiful basket, which is sure to come in handy for holiday trips and trips to the beach! Can you hear the sea humming? We did, because our shipments even made it to the Côte d’Azur and looked perfect among the French waves.

We are open to new ideas and proposals, so if you want to cooperate with us, go ahead and write to us. Let’s give the ongoing vacations a unique vibe together!

Contact us and we will prepare a personalized offer and unique solutions for your company!