EASTER GIFT SETS – put on appreciation!

11 September 2023

Explore Easter gift ideas for employees

March is, as every year in our company, a great preparation for the upcoming Easter and the First Day of Spring. How to celebrate this warm and colorful period in the company? We have the perfect idea… Surprise your employees and customers with creative Easter gifts with your logo and personalized packaging! At Box of Stories you will find a wide range of Easter boxes and Easter baskets.

We attach a great deal of importance to the Christmas gift tradition, somewhat forgetting about the spring holidays. It is worth introducing a new tradition in the company and giving Easter gifts to employees.

In Poland, we mainly associate Easter with Easter eggs and decorating them together. We envy the Italian tradition! In Italy, it’s an occasion to give each other a sweet gift – a chocolate egg with a surprise inside! This gift brings a smile to the face of not only children but also adults. The chocolate eggs are up to a meter high! We would like the tradition of Easter gifts to come to us as well, and we have creative ideas for this:)

Our spring gift box proposals are an ideal way to thank employees for their contribution and commitment to the company, increasing sales and building partnerships between the company, its partners or customers. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the company’s first quarter. Our gift suggestions have a clear goal – the recipient must feel important and appreciated! We know how to do it – see our realizations.

We focus on strong personalization of the sets, we want them to visually match the KV of the company, and with the content to hit the taste of your employees.

You can use our fully personalized proposals or ask for our Easter gift catalog, with a dozen universal proposals for everyone – you’ll see what idea we have for this year’s Easter!

Contact us and we will prepare a personalized offer and unique solutions for your company!