Eco-friendly boxes – shipments for ONET brand

11 September 2023

Creative dispatches and corporate boxes in eco style!

More and more often we are approached by brands that are primarily based on being eco-friendly in their operations. At the outset, they ask us whether, adhering to such a principle, we can design for them a creative dispatch that will be talked about online – of course, yes! Eco-friendliness doesn’t get in the way of creativity (it helps!), and there is a great deal of packaging and fillers on the market that are just eco-friendly. Acting in the spirit of eco, can only drive us creatively to create unique gift boxes! Each time we say that eco realizations make us especially happy. We try to keep up to date with all the novelties on the market and inform the brands we work with about eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Corporate boxes in the spirit of eco for the Onet brand

We recently prepared eco-friendly mailings for the Onet brand. The client’s main idea was to thank contractors for their participation in the Onet project. The gift boxes were to be in the spirit of eco with a gadget that will be such our daily #musthave. We used eco cardboard boxes and recycled paper filler – sometimes we persuade clients to use even recycled cardboard boxes and add a small card with information on how much way the box traveled to end up in their hands:) Inside the main gadget was Stojo which is the most compact cup , free of BPA, phthalates and PVC, made of certified LFGB silicone, without glue and lead. 

Ideas for eco gadgets in gift boxes

A few products that have been included in our recent shipments in the spirit of eco:

  • glass bottles for monitoring daily hydration – highly recommended!
  • Stojo brand cups and bottles made of certified silicone
  • bamboo chargers and power banks
  • reusable cotton shopping bags – sounds trivial, and still many people forget to take them shopping!
  • seed tags and pens
  • homemade herb and cress growing kits – perfect for Easter gift boxes 🙂

In conclusion, we follow eco trends and very much welcome further challenges from our customers in the spirit of eco. Contact us and let’s surprise others together!

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