Creative shipments of new HEALTH LABS CARE brand products

11 September 2023

INFLUENCER MARKETING – the most creative communication tool. Explore the world of creative dispatches.

Social media is no longer just a form of leisure that boils down to scrolling our phone screens. Above all, social media has completely taken over the marketing industry and consumes most of our clients’ communication budgets. Some brands openly report that at this point it is their only source of advertising and often all side activities are carried out purely for image purposes. Creative dispatches are an important part of brand communication.

Cooperation with Influencers – a must have for marketing activities

Brands augment their staff, or these days Influencers, who become their testers, salespeople, reviewers, and sometimes spokespeople or some kind of brand advocates. Of course, this carries a great deal of risk, which every brand often takes by allowing Influencers any freedom in the concept of presenting a product. Once in a while we hear about a kind of advertising fuck ups on social media like Boris Szyc’s post for the Alpro brand. On the other hand, if online searches for our keyword increase faster than we manage to pour milk into our coffee, isn’t that just success? The old story goes: it’s important that they talk, no matter how… this fits perfectly with the current times, as if someone predicted that new media would take over the world.

Authenticity of an Influencer – the language of online conversation with followers

Content prepared by Influencers must be unique, identical to the creator in question and, above all, not a pushy push of a product. Each recipient assumes that “his” Influencer will not recommend what he himself does not like and use. To further maintain this conviction, in addition to presenting the product or service in line with the brand’s DNA, the Influencer must do it his or her own way, with the language he or she uses to communicate with his or her followers. This is what makes Influencer Marketing an advertising medium, even a spectacular one – the brand releases several, a dozen or even dozens of ads at the same time, each one reaching the ideal persona. Brilliant use of budget, right?

The brand has to release the product, get the perfect partnership, and then what?

The task is very simple, in order to make observers curious and provide a tool for our salespeople, we need to package the product or service perfectly. Box of Stories is precisely the creation that allows us to continue working and selling. We must constantly keep track of the latest trends, entering the market with momentum. We are creating a creative dispatch that is identical to the brand but, above all, also has a kind of plasticity in its presentation.

Two ways to present, or more precisely, sell online

Brands are well aware that they are not the only employer of a given Influencer – in addition to the quality of the given products and services, the creative dispatches sent must stand out strongly on the feed or stories. It is important to determine from the very beginning, what the creative dispatch for the Influencer should look like.

At our agency, we always ask clients a specific and most important question – do we add “something to the fiddle”? What does that mean? We hasten to explain. The first and most important violin is to be played by the promoted product or service, then we choose whether only creative packaging is enough, or whether we should add some other instruments to complete such a creative dispatch. One thing is important, these instruments must only complement the violin – they can never be more attractive and interesting for the recipients 🙂

An ideal example – cooperation on creative dispatches of the Health Labs Care brand

Based on our collaboration with the Health Labs Care brand, we can show two ways of creative dispatches.

The launch of two new products from the brand ShapeMe and ManiMe, which were accompanied by additional gifts for Influencers, i.e. creative dispatches. In the case of ShapeMe, it was a shaker in which we were ideally able to prepare a drink launched by the brand. ManiMe, in addition to the product, was enriched with a handy manicure kit. You can see here perfectly the complementary principle we mentioned above.

A completely different creation process accompanied the brand’s launch of a cosmetic line – this event in itself marked a novelty, previously the brand had only dietary supplements in its offer. With these shipments, we wanted 100% interest to focus only on the products, with no additional complements. We opted to highlight them in the box but in such a way that the packaging itself would grab attention for a long time and encourage people to pull out and test the products. 

In summary, Influencer Marketing is shaping itself before our eyes, we as the audience influence its overtones, and the way to a brand’s success is to skillfully introduce the product without being pushy or losing authenticity. We follow trends and are curious to see the development of the industry in which we have a stake 🙂 Creative dispatches are a must have!

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