Corporate shipping for YOUR KAYA brand

11 September 2023

Women’s Day – corporate shipments in feminine style for Your Kaya brand

Our recent implementation of Women’s Day gift boxes was really close to our hearts, due to our cooperation with Your Kaya brand, which we appreciate and admire for breaking trends and taking care of perfect customer service and support of its customers. Not only by launching new innovative products, but also by supporting and educating them about health and relationships.

Gift boxes must first and foremost be synonymous with the brand, starting with the basics which is the packaging. In this realization, we opted for eco boxes, which refer to the spirit of the brand with a small accent, which was a teardrop – a characteristic trademark of the brand, placed next to the logo. On a daily basis, we cooperate with a company that produces packaging from its own cardboard obtained during the recycling process from recycled paper fiber or paper. From 4500 kg of offcuts from the factory, they obtain as much as 4000 kg of new cardboard from which the boxes are made. This is a perfect cooperation for us.

For our agency, the most important thing is to study the client’s needs. In the case of the Your Kaya brand, we immediately determined that in addition to the visual side and the combination of pink and eco elements, we need to bet on practical gadgets, such as a mug ( the entire Your Kaya team is a fan of local, Polish manufactures that create ceramics), something sweet and an element referring to self-acceptance. Each of our projects is individually designed for the client. So here, too, could not miss a personalized card with an author’s collage created especially for the brand. In our offer we create graphic designs from A to Z.

During the realizations we take care of every smallest detail and elements identical to the company – contact us and build a relationship with your brand customer or employees thanks to us.

Contact us and we will prepare a personalized offer and unique solutions for your company!