Creative presentation – launch of LONGEVITY

11 September 2023

A review of creative mailings with a WOW effect!

Today we are taking a look at the most original and creative dispatches of well-known brands. Personally, we are fans of cosmetic brands, and especially how perfectly they can attract attention and stay on the tongues of social media for a long time. They work simply geniaaaally! How to prepare the perfect dispatch? I present a few brands that know what they are up against and we really buy it.

Here are the creative dispatches worth your attention:

  1. Cosmetic brand Too Faced, on the occasion of the upcoming start of the school year and the launch of new colors of eyeliners, sent influencers around the world a strongly original package modeled after a school notebook. On the one hand, no one misses school, on the other hand, each of us couldn’t wait to complete our new markers, notebooks, crayons and meet our classmates after the vacations! Real time marketing we rate A+!

2. Inpost at every step teaches us how to run a conscious business in the spirit of certain values and appreciate its employees. On the occasion of Christmas, the company wanted to remind its employees of the best years of their childhood and gave them Lego – modeled on the parcel or sorting machines they know. 

Brilliant! The shipments were so positively received online, resulting in the production of more sets and their distribution in contests organized by Inpost.

3. Cosmetics company Maybelline made a bet on the iconic game of Jenga. When launching a new mascara on the market, it sent everyone pr packs containing special branded Jenga blocks with the new product hidden. The brand combined beauty with fun! This shipment resonated online!

4 In this list we must include the Healthlabs brand and the creative dispatches our agency executed. Longevity dietary supplement is about youth, vitality and a conscious choice to take care of oneself, so our first thought: nature. How to present it? Glass domes combined with a wooden base, and inside them a floral composition.At the central point, of course – LONGEVITY. Influencer marketing is also about taking care of the first impression, which is why the shipments for the ambassadors were personally hand-delivered. 

5. Creative dispatches are not only a promotion of a brand’s product but also a form of creative invitation to an event. Warsaw restaurant and club Selavi knows exactly how to invite you!Selavi sends out periodic invitations to events held at its premises.Before the “Scary Circus” event, influencers received a package straight from the hands of the Joker – a cardboard box, dripping with “fresh blood,” and inside a popped balloon with an invitation and alcohol for before party. Here the key is the form of hand delivery.

6.Another interesting creative shipping? The Nivea brand relies heavily on ingrained values and builds a narrative around them. Nivea is associated with warmth and a family atmosphere. The brand sent its iconic cream in a box imitating a Polaroid camera. Nothing brings back family memories like photos. After opening the cardboard camera, the brand prepared a special package of its cream with the photo applied as a label.

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