Welcome pack – onborading for CCC GROUP brand

11 September 2023

Creative welcome on board – welcome packs

The first day at a new job always remains in the memory for a long time, as it is accompanied by strong emotions – welcome packs for the CCC brand are a perfect example. Already at this stage, the employer should show the new employee how important his arrival in the company is, and, above all, make it easier for him to start at work. Important instructions for the first days, allowances for the workstation and company tools, a useful company gadget – these are a few indispensables for a new employee and to build his relationship with the company. Irreplaceable then is the Welcome Pack, which will create a relationship for the long term. That’s why details are so important – we know how to take care of them and adapt them to the company’s visual identity.

WELCOME PACK – a creative welcome on board

The perfect Welcome Pack does not exist?

The perfect welcome pack does exist, and it must first of all be well thought out, tailored to the company and the type of work the new employee will do. At the same time, we must maintain versatility for different departments and positions in the company. The welcome box should first of all be characterized by usefulness, but should also be a kind of conversation starter with new coworkers – this is important if the company often introduces new Welcome Packs, so as to always maintain some kind of constant element. Such a welcome box can also reflect the culture and principles followed by the company, so that the new employee will quickly implement the prevailing atmosphere. Sound unattainable and sometimes trivial? You are wrong – it can be achieved, just by a simple box that builds relationships for the long term 🙂

Example of a welcome package:

1. welcome packet of information, map of the new office, useful contacts, HR forms, benefits

2. personalized welcome card, letter, ticket – we encourage you to address new employees by name ( Is it complicated? No! Just leave a dotted space on the card and give us instructions for whom to prepare the package:) )

3. login details, access instructions, data necessary to make a card – here immediately as a must have personalized badge lanyard

4. useful items for work, such as IT equipment, flash drive, 4-in-1 chargers, powerbank, mouse, mouse pads, camera caps, headphones, chargers, adapters

5. personalized gadgets that will strengthen visual identification with your new employer, such as (sky is the limit, we present the best ideas to our clients already during the bidding process, here a little preview ): thermal mugs, hydration bottles, sweatshirts and t-shirts, stationery, planners, calendars, stickers with your company slogans!

Remote work – Welcome Pack needed most!

Referring to the main premise of the Welcome Pack, i.e. building a relationship between the company and the employee in the era of remote work is even a must have of a good onboarding process. Nowadays, employers face a very big challenge to arouse in employees a sense of belonging to the company and its pillars, to present values identical to the company from the first days on the job, and, above all, simply to get acquainted with other employees. With these difficulties, a Welcome Pack sent to the employee can help just that – it is important to ensure that the package is delivered in the first days of starting work. Simple gestures will allow the new employee to acclimate – there’s a sweatshirt with the logo in the box? Super how the manager or team leader will also wear it to the first online meeting with the new employee. A meeting with a few people? Employees will feel like they’re at the company table when they see the company logo mugs on the glass screen – maybe even smell the virtual coffee 🙂

If you need creative ideas for an employee welcome package and to complement effective onboarding – contact us and build employee relations with us. We are really good at it. Check out our photos and the perfect Welcome Pack for CCC, including the necessary gadgets and materials for work and a checklist for the employee for the first week of work.

Contact us and we will prepare a personalized offer and unique solutions for your company!